Biper is a validator in the Minter blockchain system. We provide
transaction confirmation and generate blocks for the Bip crypto coin.
According to the Proof of stake system, the more Bir has a validator,
the higher the amount of remuneration.

Our investors get 0.28% per day.
Our steak is 189 722 BIP.
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Biper public key

Take advantage of the unique conditions

Bonus for recommendation up to 20%

If a new investor appears in the Biper system based on your recommendation, we pay a bonus of up to 20% of the commission on their profit. Get 1% of the profits of all recommended investors for life.

Cashback up to 80%

We provide all new investors with cashback for a Commission of up to 80% of the profit in order for you to test the profitability of the Minter system. Earn maximum with the Biper validator and pay only 1% of the profit in the first month of use.

100% insurance against loss of blocks

We are the only validator that provides block loss insurance for our investors. We are so confident in the stability of our servers that we are ready to pay 100% compensation to investors who made a Deposit through our specialists.

The Minter network: is investing on your own worth it?

The generation of blocks in the Minter network allows all investors to make a profit of about 8% per month.
But, before becoming a member of the network, future partners need to decide who will manage their investments - are they themselves or experienced specialists?

Do everything for me
It is necessary to study the algorithms of the Minter system
Big start-up capital required
Cashback on commission in the first month of 80%
Bonuses for the listed investor
Ability to withdraw or reinvest profits once every 7 days

Calculator, payout schedule

The total payout that you will receive this month
10000$ / DAY

Validator Statistics

Biper public key
1 place
masternode rank
157 days
masternode age
uninterrupted functionality
node commission
masternode share
number of delegators
Delegator stake: 189 722 BIP
Cashback up to 80%


One of the key assessment criteria of investment attractiveness for any commercial IT project is security. For the potential delegator, this parameter is more important than discounts and bonuses offered by the validator. What have our company’s specialists done to protect our client’s values?

DDoS attacks

By combining the potentials of cloud providers with the powers of modern hardware we provide the maximal level of DDoS protection. Cloud infrastructure operation algorithm includes intrusion detection, barrier activation, and attack absorption. The mechanisms of load balancing and automatic scaling are the core of these processes (Load Balancer to VPC and Auto Scaling on the scheme).

According to the recommendations of the Sentry Node Architecture, we keep the information about the location of the signature service secured and maintain a load balance through nodes.


The basis of our infrastructure nodes’ security is a multi-level firewall system. Isolated network without access to the Internet guarantees the reliability of many Minter blockchain validators including our company. For the control, there is an encrypted channel which may be accessed only via special key.


What is our offer based on?
As a validator of the unique Minter ecosystem, we ensure its continuous and uninterrupted operation by confirming transactions and creating new blocks. By accepting our offer of cooperation, you not only get an additional source of income, but also strengthen our position. In other words, we are mutually interested in the successful implementation of our agreements. Delegating coins to the Biper masternode allows you to become a part of a large-scale economic project, providing a positive dynamics of increasing its rating.
What does one need to do to receive validator status?
In order to become a validator and receive rewards for block production and transaction confirmation, you won’t just need a significant number of BIP’s (ultimately, financial resources). In order to work on your own, you will need the appropriate experience and knowledge, as well as a detailed plan for realizing your goals. Adhering to just those bare basic conditions is already difficult enough, and in some cases it is practically impossible.
We guarantee our clients a range of benefits
If you are not well-versed in matters of investment while hoping to find a stable source of passive income, you will definitely be interested in our offer. All you have to do is entrust your funds to us, and the rest will be done for you by our team of professionals. Currently, this isn’t only a promising avenue for capital investment, but also one of the most profitable ways to earn a passive income.
Profit distribution specifications
One should take note of the profit calculator algorithm that works out the amount that the project participants receive for transferring their coins to the validator. After the masternode owner commission deduction, the remainder is split proportionally among the delegators. There are no complex formulas, additional coefficients, or anything else involved! The transparency of our system and the access to all necessary digital documentation makes fraud by other project participants impossible.
Additional benefits of working with us
BIP (Blockchain Instant Payment) is a new high-liquidity cryptocurrency that can freely be exchanged for not only BTC or ETH, but also for fiat money like USD/Euro. It is also possible to withdraw funds in case of emergencies. Our client’s wallet can be used to pay for products and services, while the transaction time is rarely longer than 5 seconds.
For representatives of businesses
Entrepreneurs that decide to use our company’s services will have the opportunity to do the following:
  • Issue their own currency and regulate its circulation.
  • Use regular names instead of addresses that are 16-50 characters long.
  • Pay the minimum transaction commission of 0.001 USD, which is several times cheaper than that of our competitors.
And the main thing — don’t forget that highly qualified specialists will be the ones in charge of the security of both your finances and your personal information. Liquidity, convenience, and simplicity are the main principles of our project, and it is thanks to them that we have been able to carve out our own niche in the financial services market in such a short time.

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